How to get a real ThinkOrSwim account without quotes delays for non-US residents

Want to use ThinkOrSwim to its full capacity in real-time (Live Trading)?

So this article is for you! Perhaps you have already tried the demo mode and noticed how limited its functionality is. You can forget about the full use of the platform in Paper Money mode, since the scripts for scanners in this mode are taboo, and the delay in quotes for 20 minutes just ties your hands.

🇺🇸 Often, non-residents of the United States have difficulty registering an account and getting a real account with Thinkorswim, since TD Ameritrade (a large American broker owning TOS) tightly monitors new accounts and periodically conducts purges, blocking non-residents.

On the Internet, of course, you can find many answers on how to “get around the restrictions” associated with registration and create a TOS account using the generated data. But what’s the point, if none of them works anyway, and the risk of account blocking, unfortunately, is very high?

With regards to relatives/friends in the United States, on which you can formally create a TOS account. The person who will issue the account, open an account will have to go through verification, red tape with documents and other formalities that drag on in time, plus within a couple of months, you will have to wait for an answer. 100% guarantee that the answer will be positive, you also, unfortunately, will not.

In any case, why reinvent the wheel and kill time looking for possible options for obtaining a TOS account, if these procedures are not legal at all and quite risky. Sooner or later, such an account will be cleared by TD Ameritrade.

💡Do not despair, as we have found a way out of this situation and can offer a really effective mechanism for obtaining a TOS account without quotes delays with minimal investment and guaranteeing protection against blocking. We easily cope with difficulties, survived 4 massive cleanings of TD Ameritrade, and that says a lot!

In a completely safe way, for several hours you get a TOS account with Realtime quotes, onDemand function, powerful stock and options scanners, technical and fundamental filters, the ability to write or use existing ThinkScripts codes.

We have been on the market since 2017 and during this period of time managed to gain a reputation of a reliable, proven ThinkOrSwim Realtime subscription service with the possibility of the monthly payment. In case of questions or difficulties with the Thinkorswim platform, our friendly support team will quickly solve any problem associated with the TOS account, including at the weekend.

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💥ThinkOrSwim (TOS) real-time accounts register for Canada, Australia, Europe, Israel, and Africa traders. Real TOS for non-US traders. 👉