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Key competencies exemplified by tea

📈Trading is not a gift, but a skill that is acquired through training and practice. Any skill, be it playing football or playing the piano, is a learning curve. Unfortunately, novice traders often ignore the concept of trading as a skill because the sheen of wealth makes them try to make money before they even know what they are doing.

Here’s an example of a simple tea brewing skill.

Each of us makes tea every day in the morning or in the evening. When my teacher and I went through this technique, I roughly threw the following picture describing the whole process👇

So, first, you need to boil water in a kettle; pour boiling water over the cups so that the water temperature does not drop when brewing tea; put tea leaves in a teapot; pour hot water; let it brew for 3 minutes and pour into cups; the sugar can be added if desired.

Then a whole series of questions from the teacher followed me.

🔸How much is it important what kind of water you use: from the tap, filter, spring or order bottled at home?
🔸What kind of fire: gas, electric or fire?
🔸What tea: green, black, oolong, puer? Large-leaved or small-leaved?
🔸What kind of teapot should it be: ceramic, clay or glass?
🔸And how much do you need to boil: until it whistles, turns off or on time?
🔸 And what kind of sugar: extra, sticks, cane, refined sugar?

All of this was not on my list, but in fact, I missed important points, simplified, did not go into details, did not break my story into steps.

Indeed, I do not order water and drink only spring water, and I use black large-leaf tea.

How do I brew? Well, definitely not in the electric kettle! The tea that I like turns out to be especially tasty if it is brewed over a fire, it is from this steel camping teapot, which has served me for more than a decade, and when the water boils, I always pour the tea into my thermos with a narrow neck, add cane sugar and sliced lemon. This I have not yet written about firewood, about mood, about the condition, etc …

But all these questions were connected, it would seem, with a simple skill. Now let’s approximate all of the above for trading📊

❓What software do you use, how many monitors do you have, what indicators, how do you set up your workspace? Do you do exactly the same as with the teacher or differently? Are you deliberately missing out on details? Have you ever thought about it? Are you using hotkeys or fidgeting? And what kind of mouse, what sensations, etc.

The smallest details in comprehending a skill are like cogs of a large mechanism⚙️, you can do without them, but the technology will be 100% broken, and, accordingly, the result will be different.

To be continued. Later I will decompose the trading skill into the same elements and hope that something will finally “click” for you.

👉 Part II — Basic trading competencies 📈



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