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2 min readMay 12, 2021
Levels of study: student, master, guru.

One of the guys in the chat responded to my post “Simplification = destructive? ♻️On the way of optimization and simplification”

📝Comment about the following: you need to throw out all the unnecessary from the trading strategy and leave only the minimum to get the desired result. Especially on the courses, so much slag is poured in that it is difficult for a beginner to understand anything at all …

I will say more, I agree with this comment, but there is one trap here … you need to understand when you can simplify and throw out unnecessary things. I’ll tell you more⬇️

The trap is that you don’t know and nowhere is it said WHEN you can / should simplify and when you can’t.

⏳Everything needs to be done on time.

🔺So … in the beginning you are a disciple, a follower. In the beginning you learn the rules and where to simplify? Here you need to clearly understand what is.

🔺Then you are a master, you use the rules the way they should be used.

🔺Then you are a guru, and here you are already changing the rules.

You can argue about the names “master” and “guru”, you can call it Level 1,2,3, but it is definitely too early to simplify for the student.



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