What is the value of the Thinkorswim trading platform (TOS) and for what type of traders is it suitable

«Believe me when I say that the markets are not predictable in the sense most traders use the term. Luckily, it’s not necessary to predict the markets to make money from them.»

©Bruce Babcock

About Thinkorswim (TOS) trading platform of the famous American broker TD Ameritrade, existing on the market for 45 years, there is not much information on the Internet. If you turn to forums and specialized groups in social networks, all traders unanimously say that this is one of the best graphical trading platforms for analysis, search for stocks and trading on the American stock exchange. Is it so?

  • In TOS, access to quotes without real-time delays is fairly well implemented (Realtime data feed).
  • Available stocks ETFs, FOREX, NASDAQ, NYSE, options, currency pairs, futures, etc.
  • Customizable charts and scanners for finding and selecting stocks in Thinkorswim (Stock Hacker).
  • The active OnDemand function in Thinkorswim is for tracking and market research on historical data, for testing trading strategies. It works like this: choosing a day from the past, you can consider price movements, events, trades, etc.
  • Built-in indicators in the form of signals on the chart + the ability to add your own (ThinkScript code).

✔️ Beginners using swing trading as a trading style are often active users of the Thinkorswim platform, as a wide selection of tools is implemented here.

✔️ The site provides all the conditions for trend trading using TOS (news events, educational materials, etc.).

✔️ Stock filters + scanners with the ability to analyze and add their own formulas (ThinkScript code) — open up great opportunities when the accuracy of up to a second plays an important role, in particular, for intraday trading on the NYSE.

✔️ Due to its fundamental and professional tools, the platform is popular not only among beginners but also among investors, experienced advanced traders, portfolio and intraday traders.

If we are talking about the value of the platform, it’s definitely worth it once to try how everything works in practice and draw conclusions yourself. To do this, you have a great opportunity to test the platform in Paper Money mode — demo (FREE), but with a quote delay of 20 minutes.

The second option: we can provide you with the opportunity to fully use the ThinkOrSwim trading platform at full power in real-time (Live Trading) without quotation delays, with OnDemand function, scanners, filters, indicators, etc. for a month at a completely symbolic price it is completely SAFE.

  • 100% money back within 48 hours after payment.
  • We instantly process the order (new account on the same day).
  • We help with the settings through TeamViewer.
  • A powerful community of like-minded people in Telegram, VK, Facebook.

🔥 You can write to us at the contacts from this site and we will tell you how to do it.
We will be glad if you still decide to try and share your impressions of the platform under this post.

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