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1 min readApr 15, 2021
Basic trading competencies.

👇 Now let’s move on to basic trading competencies.

🔸Determination of levels
🔸Trend detection
🔸Work in the terminal (opening, closing a position, types of orders)
🔸Work in the graphical analysis platform
🔸The skill of stock selection before the session
🔸The skill of choosing stocks during the session
🔸Price action analysis
🔸Quickly calculate (for example, the risk per trade)
🔸 Think fast
🔸The skill of removing stocks from the list
🔸Entry Skill at Your Price
🔸The skill of following a trading plan
🔸Belief in your strategy
🔸The skill of trading only “your” patterns
🔸The skill to continue or interrupt trading
🔸Trade in the right state of mind
🔸Quietly skip your entrance
🔸End a positive day in a resource state
🔸End a negative day in a resource state
🔸Tilt recognition …

To replicate the result of your mentor in trading, you must systematically learn each of these skills👆

How to do this will be discussed further.

👉 Part I — Key competencies exemplified by tea🍵📈



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